Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I can't see where I shot him...

Bobby Diamond got a disturbance call early one evening at a duplex well-known to everyone. Momma and Son had a disagreement over the $700.00 + cell phone and pager bill he racked up. This was in the days long before cheap minutes.

Anyway, about the time Bobby gets to the front door he hears one shot inside. That's all it took for him to call for backup, which was on the way anyhow. When we got inside we found that during the disagreement Son moved toward Mom in a threatening manner, she reached under the bed and got her gun. Pow. One shot above the left eye dropped him like a sack o' taters. She went to jail, and he went to the hospital because it didn't kill him. Least ways not right then.

Son died the next day and the funeral parlor folks did an excellent job patching the hole, which was pretty good sized. You could tell where it was, so they pulled a ball cap low on his forehead to cover the body work For him it looked somewhat natrual.

Not long before the funeral one of the deputies brought Mom out to the parlor so she could see him one last time since she was going to miss the services. There she was, hands cuffed behind her back, trying to get the ball cap off. "I just want to see where I shot him." Should have took a picture before the cops got there.

As a side note, she was a pretty good shot. One of her former husbands can attest to that. She shot him 7 times one night. He's still alive.


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