Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Always respect the ladies

In our state we have laws that were designed to do something about domestic violence. In this state, among other things, assaulting your: husband/wife, son/daughter/girlfriend/boyfriend/gay or lesbian lover/aunt/uncle and so on is supposed to be illegal. The law, as it's written, is pretty cut and dried. Some people understand it while others just figure they can do what they want.

Officers got a call to an apartment one day where an older guy (60's) was drunk and giving a lady a hard time. Someone called his daddy, who was well up in his 80's but had it all together. Sonny let loose with a string of cuss words and Daddy, not liking that told him "I told you to never cuss in front of a lady." Smack! Slapped him so hard it almost knocked him out of his chair. Since this happened in front of the Officers, they had no choice but to take Daddy with them. He understood fully, but was still upset with Sonny for cussing in front of a lady.

Always respect your Daddy and ladies.


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