Sunday, December 05, 2004

Things NOT to say on the radio

One of our Senior Dispatchers was having a hard time reading the computer screen, or seeing anything for that matter, so he went to an eye doctor and learned he had cataracts. He continued to work before the surgery, which didn't help matters.

One day an Officer was working a traffic accident, and called in a license plate number, with the driver, an older female, standing within hearing distance of the radio. When the dispatcher came back with the wrong information the Officer corrected him, which didn't set too well with the old guy. He hit the transmit button so hard I thought he was going to break it, then let loose with a "WELL I CAN'T READ THE SON OF A BITCH!" The dispatcher then realized what he said and done, and just knew his goose was cooked on the spot. Nothing happened to him, but I can't recall the Officer ever being at a loss for words until that time.

That was one of many incidents coming out of the dispatch center that wasn't talked about too much, just in case the powers that be didn't hear them in the first place. No sense in giving them any more ammunition than they needed........


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