Sunday, December 05, 2004

The new guy

We got a new officer one time and I had him with me for the evening. That night a female prisoner started complaining of severe pains in the female regions, so it was a trip to one of the local band-aid boxes. After the doctor examined her he came out and told us it was nothing serious, just about a dozen different kinds of VD (PID, of which EMS personnel knows the slang), and she could go back to jail. I made the command decision that she'd get a summons there and we wouldn't have to deal with her anymore from that point on. She got her summons and we left.

New guys will believe about anything, so on the ride back to the station I asked the newbie if he was aware he could pick up some of the strains of VD she had by setting in the same car seat. He said he wasn't aware of it, but really didn't believe it anyway. By the time we got back to the station, a couple miles away, he was on both elbows trying hard not to let the butt cheeks hit the seat. He was worried the rest of the night and thought he should go home and change his uniform pants so he didn't infect anything else he sat on.

New guys are some much fun..........


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