Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The missing chickens.

Several years ago I was dispatched to an old woman's house because she had some chickens missing. The old gal raised chickens in her back yard, and had for years, so no one bothered her about it. One day she went out to feed them or kill one of them or whatever, and I guess the count didn't come out right. Her immediate response was that someone came in her chicken house and stole them. Never mind the fact that her back yard was butted up against a woodland area where there might be chicken-eating animals living. No matter what I said about animals getting them, she just knew someone stole them. She'd probably raised chickens longer than I had been living at the time, and I guess since they were her chickens she would know if they were chickennapped or the victim of another animal. I took the report that said someone stole her chicken.

Now, this was back in the days before we had computers, and all reports were handwritten or typed, and submitted to the Chief for approval. He read each and everyone of them, and if they were OK, then he'd sign off on them. If not more than likely there'd be some nasty comment about what was wrong with it, and it was done over. I stood there and got one of his nasty frowns when he read the last line of the report--FOWL PLAY IS NOT SUSPECTED.


Blogger carbuncle said...

This is your psychic friend again. I can help you solve this crime. I see a fried chicken restaurant somewhere in town, perhaps on a main street. I suggest you look there.
$39.95 please.
Thank you.

December 15, 2004 at 11:13 AM  

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