Friday, December 10, 2004

Lion patrol

One time many years ago, this being prior to 1974, a traveling man came to town. Either that or he was a small circus, with only him and one animal- -a lion. Anyway, this guy stops at one of the local motels and tries to get a room. The clerk rents him a room but the no pets clause got him. He could stay but not the lion. I don't know how he came up with the idea, but he went to the police station to see if they would house his lion for the night in one of the cells. The copswere apparently pretty accomodating, because when the midnight shift (2 officers) came in, they saw a lion locked in the cell.

I guess it was a slow night, because before long the 2 Officers were in service in a 2-man 1-lion car. These guys got the lion out of the cell, loaded him up in the back seat of the patrol car, and started out. They hit all the popular places in town, such as a public housing area. I guess the lion was the talk of the department and the streets for some time. I never heard of any lion bites or other injuries to people they came in to contact with that night, but they sure had the cooperation of everyone they dealt with. While I wasn't here at the time, this one has been backed by other Officers who were there or had first hand knowledge of the caper.

Speaking of lions, my friend Crazy Ed took a call of a loose lion at the 7-11 one day. When he got there he found his lion- -a brown Chow dog that the owner had shaved to look like a lion. The caller was pretty hysterical when he reported it, and Crazy Ed was laughing hysterically when he found "the lion". Those were the days............


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