Thursday, December 16, 2004

Johnny Appleseed

We've got a guy in town known to some as Johnny Appleseed. He's not the sharpest stick in the bunch, but a hard worker. One night Johnny was at home, watching cartoons. At the time he was bent over the footstool, eating an apple. One of his friends came over and the guy wanted a little "action", if you know what I mean. Johnny wanted nothing to interrupt his cartoon watching, and turned his friend down. That wasn't good enough for the friend, so down comes Johnny's pants, and his friend mounts Johnny like Bowser mounting a visitor. This caused such a ruckus the nieghbors called the police. When they got there they heard all the yelling and went in. There's Johnny, still bent over the footstool, still eating his apple, still watching cartoons, and Bowser-friend just going to town, having his way with him. Hence, the name Johnny Appleseed has stuck to him to this day.


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