Thursday, December 16, 2004

Jer, I think she's dead!

One of the hospitals in town sends a lot of patients out of town to other hospitals for better care. One of the ambulance crews did such a transfer one day. While they were at the out of town hospital, someone asked if they would ship one back home for them. Normally this isn't done, but since it wasn't too far out of the way, and money was involved, the return run was OK'd.

The patient had no IV's, it was a return home trip, routine transfer type of deal. As such there was no need to check vitals every 15 minutes. About half way home the patient told the tech she thought she'd just take a nap. OK, not a problem, we've got a ways to go yet. Enjoy the nap.

When they arrived at the lady's house the tech went to wake her. No response. Checking a little closer the tech noticed there was no breathing or other signs of life. Not good. She calls up front to her partner, telling him she thought the patient had died. He thought she was kidding. No Jer, I think she's really dead. Jer runs to the back and checks her, and she's really DEAD. DRT. Taking a real nap. After they confirmed everything they asked the husband if he'd like to see his wife before they took her to the funeral parlor. Sure. Husband, a skinny guy, crawls in the back of the truck. Standing there looking at his dead wife, he says "I really loved her, but I don't know how I'll pay for the funeral. Well, I think I'll go get something to eat now." OK, keep them priorities straight.

Since this was a rather hefty gal, the local fire department sent over a crew for lifting assistance. Since they weren't needed there they all went to a funeral parlor, and helped unload the woman. The coroner got there and confirmed that she had a real bad heart problem, and no one expected her to make it out of the hospital alive in the first place. The crew later learned the hospital knew she was circling the drain, and really didn't want her dying there, hence the big rush to get someone, anyone, to take her home.


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