Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dispatch, I need Animal Control quick!

Some time back a frantic caller dialed 911, and told the call taker she needed an ambulance as someone in her family had shot himself. The dispatcher thought the caller, who was, understandably, on the border of hysteria, said the victim shot himself in the hand. She started an ambulance and Officers to the address, with the Supervisor arriving first.

When the Supervisor got there he grabbed his aid bag and started for the door. He was met by a woman who said "He's in there", pointing to the living room. The Officer thought it was strange that a GSW to the hand would be causing such a stir. When he walked in the living room he realized the dispatcher should have said "head" instead of "hand". The guy took his trusty 30-30, set it to his chin, and that's the end of him. When the Officer saw that he knew immediately why the caller was upset. There was "stuff" blowed all over the place. He got other Officers at the scene to assist, then made a call for dispatch to get the Animal Control Officer there fast. Seems the family dog found the mother load of tasty bones to chew on, and he grabbed a big one. They finally got Bowser shut up in the bathroom, got the remains from him, and it was off to doggy jail for him.

By the sewer I lived...
By the sewer I died...
And when I died,
It was "sewer side"...


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