Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crazy Ed

A friend of mine is a police officer in another small town near a major metro area. He doesn't carry the name "Crazy Ed" for nothing, and he's proud of it.

Crazy Ed has always be respectful of the people he deals with, calling everyone Sir or Ma'am, never the "Hey you. Scumbag" or other things like some of the shows on TV. While he gets along with everyone he meets, there are just some folks he doesn't care to deal with, and his answers are usually short, to the point, and it's move on to the next person. One day the local American Legion hall caught fire. Crazy Ed's on the job, and is assigned to a traffic control post. Up walks a reporter from one of the local radio stations, and sticks a tape recorder in his (Crazy Ed's) face. "Tell me Officer, what do we have here?" Crazy Ed looks at him, and says "Fire". The reporter moves the recoder, and asks him to be more specific. Again it's "Tell me Officer, what do we have here?" This time Crazy Ed is much more specific: "Big fire". The reporter left it at that.


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